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Images from the Arctic Snow Room

We’ve got photos from the creation of the Arctic Snow Room.  That’s the place in Rovaniemi – the capital of Lappland, Finland, on the Arctic Circle – where Inni recently screened.

Click on each individual image to enlarge. made the venue, and you should check out their site, too.
Inni is also up on Youtube and Google Play.  So, we have gone from the release of a mysterious clip, through a world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, to gigantic screens around the world including Nasa við Austurvöll in Reykjavik, the Geode in Paris, the Ritz in Minneapolis, the Michigan in Ann Arbor, the Australian Cinematheque in Melbourne, the Curzon Mayfair in London, Sala Hermilo Novelo in Mexico City, Asahi Za in post-tsunami Fukushima, and the Hanoi Cinematheque, through other big and little cinemas and rock clubs and improvised venues all over the place (including the Arctic Snow Room and also the North House Folk School in Grand Marais), three sold out shows last week in a Buenos Aires shopping mall cinema . . . to you possibly renting Inni right now on your Android phone and on your desktop through Youtube, right here on this page.  Thank you to everyone who has been there, somewhere.