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Beyond the Game

“The battle between two living legends… This isn’t your typical look at video games, but these aren’t your typical video game nerds. They’re the best Warcraft III players in the world.”
– William Lee, Cinema Verdict

DVD features rare and exclusive interview with Blizzard entertainment founders!

Vancouver Film Festival * International Film Festival Amsterdam
Margaret Mead Film Festival

“…beautifully contrasts scenes from our mundane world with the colour-saturated, action packed virtual world within the game; the neon-lit internet cafes and media-hyped tournament becoming a jarring hybrid of the two. Beyond the Game is a revealing profile of an unforgiving game and the toll it takes on its all too human players.”
– Willis Wong, Intermidias

Warcraft III is the most popular real-time strategy computer game, thrilling over 2.5 million North Americans and 10 million people worldwide everyday. The game creates an alternate universe, where players challenge each other with a mythically-charged online world of humans, orcs, the undead, knights, and elves.

In Beyond the Game, we meet – in real life and within the game – two of the game’s leading figures, known as Grubby and Sky. Acclaimed filmmaker Jos de Putter tracks these Kasparovs of a new generation and a new game across the world all the way to the world championships in Seattle.

A fascinating, surprising, and genuinely touching portrait, Beyond the Game is a study of, and participation in, the reformation of our communities in the internet age.