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Michigander movie palaces, Inni heldover and brought back all over the place, new Jónsi song

Cool old movie theatres in Michigan are into Inni. Following a great show at Grand Rapids’ Wealthy Theatre this past weekend, on December 5th Ann Arbor’s Michigan Theater – a beautiful old cave that has this cool old organ – and Traverse City’s State Theatre both screen the film.

Meanwhile, the film holds for another week in Helena and New York – including some matinees, for you morning people – and also is coming back to Los Angeles, London, Leeds, Paris, Minneapolis, and Austin (Texas). More stuff going on in Atlanta, San Francisco, Silver Spring (Maryland), Phoenixville (Pennsylvania), Atlanta, a mountain village in Italy . . . It’s all here.

In somewhat related news, here’s a free stream from Jónsi’s soundtrack to the upcoming film We Bought a Zoo.