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Breaking Light

little girls point-lake superior

Lots of light breaking today.

Daylight has beamed along a singular path, from early rehearsals through a blisteringly fast shoot, extended post-production, select festival screenings, scaring Marisa Tomei out of a Lower East Side theater space, an acclaimed theatrical run… and now to your computer, right now, from iTunes or Amazon.  Or, later tonight, settle in for a view through your cable movies on demand, PS3, or Xbox.  (The DVD is coming later.)  Seriously, it’s a great date movie.

Oh, and, no, it’s not the Daylight with Sylvester Stallone.  This is the other one.

The Afterlight has gone through a different prism.  This haunted drama shot from the Rome Film Festival through select theatrical screenings, all the way to a DVD at your local video store.  For all you Zenith fans out there, The Afterlight also stars the mesmerizing Ana Asensio.  Itunes and Amazon downloads are coming soon.


The image above comes from the Flickr stream of Jolene4ever.