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Cloud Cult: No One Said It Would Be Easy

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A cosmological pop band led by an organic farmer from Minnesota, Cloud Cult has developed a passionate following over a decade with its mesmerizing music, lush live shows (including two live painters), and strong ecological commitment.

Cloud Cult: No One Said It Would Be Easy takes fans and the unfamiliar on a journey into the band’s colorful and passionate world, from the group’s painful and powerful origins through its first decade.

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“In the crowded genre of indie rock, in which bands typically earn more by touring than selling albums, the painters have helped Cloud Cult’s stage show stand out. While the paintings offer a glimpse into the economics of a working-class rock band, they’re also intimately tied to Cloud Cult’s music, much of which stems from a tragedy that struck Ms. Minowa and her husband, band leader Craig Minowa.”

“Almost all the band’s material is written and recorded in a tiny studio made of recycled and reclaimed materials.”

“More a family than a band, the Minneapolis collective does everything with purpose, talent and conviction, from its environmentally conscious lifestyle — in which it self-produces and releases albums from its geothermal-powered organic farm — to its charitable efforts to its emotive, even cathartic songwriting.”

“…not-quite-precious chamber pop extravaganza, and it’s impossible to not be moved by [Craig Minowa’s] grandiose methods of telling a story.”
– Denver Post