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Michigander movie palaces, Inni heldover and brought back all over the place, new Jónsi song

Cool old movie theatres in Michigan are into Inni. Following a great show at Grand Rapids’ Wealthy Theatre this past weekend, on December 5th Ann Arbor’s Michigan Theater – a beautiful old cave that has this cool old organ – and Traverse City’s State Theatre both screen the film.

Meanwhile, the film holds for another week in Helena and New York – including some matinees, for you morning people – and also is coming back to Los Angeles, London, Leeds, Paris, Minneapolis, and Austin (Texas). More stuff going on in Atlanta, San Francisco, Silver Spring (Maryland), Phoenixville (Pennsylvania), Atlanta, a mountain village in Italy . . . It’s all here.

In somewhat related news, here’s a free stream from Jónsi’s soundtrack to the upcoming film We Bought a Zoo.

The good word in Memphis

“You got to think ridiculous when it comes to Christ,” insists the title modern-epoch apostle in Preacher, a documentary by Daniel Kraus about 72-year-old Bishop William Nowell, a charismatic, excitable and enthusiastic longtime Pentecostal pastor who gets more exercise at the pulpit than many people get at a treadmill or track.

Preacher screens at the Brooks Museum in Memphis tonight. The screening is loosely associated with professional Renaissance Man Scott Newstok’s “1611 Symposium” at Rhodes College, and across Memphis, celebrating the King James Bible’s 400th anniversary.

Read John Beifuss in the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

And check out that beauty of a trailer again.

Free stream from The Afterlight

The beautiful and haunting film The Afterlight is coming up on DVD shortly, and we couldn’t be more proud. The film’s stars include the lovely Ana Asensio, whom you probably recognize from Zenith, and a performance by the amazing Rip Torn, whom you recognize from… well, everywhere.

To celebrate, check out this powerful song from composer Nathan Matthew David.

“Visual artistry . . . nothing short of masterful.”
– Los Angeles Times

“intoxicating beauty.”
– New York Times

“truly poetic… lustrous cinematography”
– Chicago Sun-Times

“Beautifully composed.”
– Chicago Reader

“…cryptic images of ominous beauty, held together by pure surface tension, exert a strange fascination.”
– Variety

“Alexei Kaleina and Craig Macneill’s proudly minimalist affair favors ambiguity over soap-operatics, evoking the inescapable heartache of a loss so great, it cannot be uttered.”
– TimeOut NY

“Stunning cinematic debut … a film guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.”
– i-D Magazine

Some beautiful theatres for Inni

Inni has screened, and will screen, in a number of beautiful theatres. Below see images from just a few.

Meanwhile, in Northern Finland, on the Arctic Circle, someone is preparing a temporary ice and snow cinema for a screening in February. Hopefully we will have photos of that soon.

The full list of screenings is on Sigur Rós’ website, and also here.

(Images drawn from around the internet, so © to their respective owners.)

La Géode, Paris
La Geode from the museum side

Le national, Montréal

Palace Westgarth, Melbourne

Imperial Bio, Copenhagen

Catharinakerk, Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Murdock Theatre, Wichita (Kansas)

Wealthy Theatre, Grand Rapids (Michigan)

Colonial Theatre, Phoenixville (Pennsylvania)

Sage Gateshead (England)

Hanoi Cinematheque
Hanoi Cinematheque